Premierbet Jackpot Games

What are Premierbet Jackpot Games 

Premierbet Angola offers two sports jackpot games. These jackpot games are played every week and they are open to all punters at the betting site. Namely, the two jackpot games are Jackpot 15 and Jackpot 13. 

The objective when playing jackpot games is to predict the outcomes of preselected sports events. Getting all the predictions correct help players scoop the jackpot prize. However, there are also some consolation prizes which are awarded to players who narrowly fail to get all predictions correctly. 

Premierbet Jackpot 15 

The Jackpot 15 is a jackpot game that has 15 events. The player should make match outcome predictions for each of the 15 events. If all the predictions made by the player are successful, the player will scoop a massive jackpot prize pegged at 176,000,000 KZ! Even more impressive about this jackpot game is that all it takes to place the jackpot games bet is 350 KZ. 

Premierbet Jackpot 13 

Jackpot 13 functions in the same way as Jackpot 15. However, what differs here is that the number of selections on the bet slip will be 13 instead of 15. Players are tasked with predicting the match outcome of 13 events. Successful predictions will help the player scoop a jackpot prize pegged at 32,250,000 KZ. The wager for Jackpot 13 is pegged at 350 KZ. 

Consolation Prizes 

When playing the jackpot games, players can win consolation prizes if they fell narrowly short of getting all 15/13 predictions correct. This, therefore, makes the jackpot games much more attractive as it’s not a zero-sum or all-or-nothing game. Below we expose the consolation prizes that players stand a chance of winning when playing both Jackpot 15 and the Jackpot 13. 

Consolation Prizes for the Jackpot 15 

  • 14 correct predictions receive a 350,000 KZ prize 
  • 13 correct predictions receive a 175,000 KZ prize
  • 12 correct predictions receive a 17,500 KZ prize
  • 11 correct predictions receive a 1,750 KZ prize

Consolation Prizes for the Jackpot 13 

  • 12 correct predictions receive a 175,000 KZ prize
  • 11 correct predictions receive a 17.500 KZ prize
  • 10 correct predictions receive a 1,750 KZ prize
  • 9 correct predictions receive a 1,750 KZ prize 

The Premierbet Jackpot Games Rules 

  • All jackpot bets should be received up to 15 minutes before the first game on the bet slip starts. 
  • Once the jackpot games bet slip is recorded in the betting platform, players can no longer cancel or amend the bet
  • The results of all matches are based on standard 90 minutes betting. Any extension of matches via overtime, golden goals, or a penalty shootout will not be considered 
  • If any fixture is postponed, abandoned or not completed, the jackpot will be voided within 48 hours (starting from the kick-off time of such match) 
  • The jackpot will be resulted within 24 hours of confirmation of the result of all jackpot matches 
  • Premierbet reserves the right to request that full verification details be supplied from jackpot winners 
  • Jackpot winners agree to their photographs, images and names be used in company promotional material
  • The jackpot winnings are gross of tax meaning all jackpot winnings will be subject to tax and the winners will have to pay all tax deductions attached to the winnings 
  • Each jackpot player will be eligible for 1 consolation prize per week only regardless of the number of tickets eligible for a consolation prize.