Multicaixa Express Angola

Multicaixa Express is one of the most popular payment methods used by Angolans for their day-to-day transactions. Those who have been using it for quite some time will know all the advantages that the payment method brings. However, if you aren’t familiar with the payment method or simply not adept with all its functions (operations), then this article is for you as it will expose what Multicaixa Express is all about and how it functions. 

What is the Multicaixa Express 

Multicaixa Express is also referred to as Multibox Express or simple Express ATM. The best description of Multicaixa Express is that its an interbank application which facilitates users to carry out banking operations by associating one or more debit/credit cards from one or different banks. This payment method is provided by EMIS. 

How Multicaixa Express Works 

Multicaixa Express is mostly used as a digitalised bank. There are two prerequisites that you need when looking to start using Multicaixa Express. First, you need to have a bank account and a debit card. Second, you need to have a mobile phone (presumably you already have one which you are using right now in accessing this article). 

If your prerequisites are in place, the first thing you need to do is to visit the automatic teller machine (ATM) to sign up for Multicaixa Express. When using the ATM, you will be provided prompts which allow you to sign up, link your cards and activate the application on your mobile phone. If you find the prompts confusing, you can seek the assistance of security officials who will be around at the bank/ATM. Note that you may link several debit cards at once including those not issued by the bank that you are signing at. This is necessitated by the fact that Multicaixa Express is an interbank channel which works with several banking institutions. 

Once you have signed up for the Express ATM and linked your cards, it now means you can use your debit card in digital format to carry out various operations (transactions) via mobile phone. Even more impressive is the fact that even when you forget your debit card at home, as long as you have your phone, you can still withdraw funds at an ATM! 

How Safe is the Multicaixa Express? 

EMIS, the company behind Multicaixa Express states that the payment method is safe and secure. The company goes a step further in assuring all users that it constantly upgrades its tools both firmware and hardware to ensure that they perform at optimum levels at all times. While this is the case, it’s also important for the user to take extra care of securing their Multicaixa Express funds. This can be done by keeping one’s PIN securely such that it can’t be found by snoopers and cybercriminals. 

Great Uses of the Multicaixa Express 

The Multicaixa Express allows users to transact safely and securely wherever they are. Some of the top uses of the Multicaixa Express entail paying bills such as telecoms bills, water, electricity and DSTV online. Users can also transfer funds to their dependents with ease. It’s also possible to buy plane tickets amongst other international goodies safely online. Those who are into gambling can also deposit funds into their casino accounts and request withdrawals using Multicaixa Express.